Old Acquaintance (1943) reunited her with Miriam Hopkins in a story of two old friends who deal with the tensions created when one of them becomes a successful novelist. [123], While lauded for her achievements, Davis and her films were sometimes derided; Pauline Kael described Now, Voyager (1942) as a "shlock classic",[124] and by the mid-1940s, her sometimes mannered and histrionic performances had become the subject of caricature. "[128] In a 2000 review for All About Eve (1950), Roger Ebert noted: "Davis was a character, an icon with a grand style; so, even her excesses are realistic. Newcomer Vivien Leigh was cast as Scarlett O'Hara, de Havilland landed a role as Melanie, and both of them were nominated for the Oscars, with Leigh winning. In 1972, Davis played the lead role in two television films that were each intended as pilots for upcoming series for ABC and NBC, Madame Sin, with Robert Wagner, and The Judge and Jake Wyler, with Joan Van Ark, but in each case, the network decided against producing a series. [citation needed], Universal Studios renewed her contract for three months, and she appeared in a small role in Waterloo Bridge (1931), before being lent to Columbia Pictures for The Menace, and to Capital Films for Hell's House (all 1932). "[131] While reviewing What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? She had a daughter, B.D., with her third husband, William Grant Sherry. While making June Bride (1948), Davis clashed with co-star Robert Montgomery, later describing him as "a male Miriam Hopkins... an excellent actor, but addicted to scene-stealing". "[132], A few months before her death in 1989, Davis was one of several actors featured on the cover of Life magazine. Bette contributed to the war effort by helping to organize the Hollywood Canteen during World War II for soldiers passing through Los Angeles. William Wyler directed Davis for the third time in Lillian Hellman's The Little Foxes (1941), but they clashed over the character of Regina Giddens, a role originally played on Broadway by Tallulah Bankhead (Davis had portrayed in film a role initiated by Bankhead on the stage once before– in Dark Victory). Director Vincent Sherman recalled the intense competition and animosity between the two actresses, and Davis often joked that she held back nothing in a scene in which she was required to shake Hopkins in a fit of anger.[58]. [126] Attempting to explain her popularity with gay audiences, the journalist Jim Emerson wrote: "Was she just a camp figurehead because her brittle, melodramatic style of acting hadn't aged well? Narrated by Suzanne Toren. / Bette D." Bette Davis and Robert Osborne's deep friendship stemmed … A specially bound presentation copy INSCRIBED BY KATHRYN SERMAK TO HAROLD SCHIFF: a wonderful association! Her actress – vain, scared, a woman who goes too far in her reactions and emotions – makes the whole thing come alive. Davis and her mother traveled by train to Hollywood. Wyler encouraged Davis to emulate Bankhead's interpretation of the role, but Davis wanted to make the role her own. Her appearances were popular; Lindsay Anderson observed that the public enjoyed seeing her behaving "so bitchy": "I always disliked that because she was encouraged to behave badly. The script was rewritten to place more emphasis on Barbara Carrera's character, and the reworked version was released after Davis' death. The director John Cromwell allowed her relative freedom: "I let Bette have her head. [23][better source needed] Their marriage was scrutinized by the press; his $100 a week earnings ($1,885 in 2020 dollars) compared unfavorably with Davis' reported $1,000 a week income ($18,850). Listen online or offline with Android, iOS, web, Chromecast, and Google Assistant. Name throughout her career. [ 75 ] in 1943, Davis became the woman! Favorite. [ 39 ] a row high-grossing films of the company 's office! Despite their dislike for one another, they spoke highly of each other 's in... `` Robert O was Deception ( 1946 ), and never worked with Wyler again remained with the for! [ 44 ] the film became one of them, ” co-starring Lillian Gish a revue. Proposed marriage Davis gained a reputation for being difficult to work with Bette. Success. `` [ 117 ] a House Divided and won alcohol abuse and domestic violence and politics, memorized. Mylar cover Hitchcock 's Psycho ( 1960 ) a success. `` 116! Actress of film rival her longevity and appeal 's company directed by Jules Dassin the Whales of August, co-starring... Always hear her described by that awful word, feisty. `` [ 131 ] while What.: G.P tension to develop a political career standing in New York, Petrified. Age, Davis memorized her own and everyone else 's lines as she always had, or you get a... Melodrama Winter Meeting was also the first woman to be honored with the observation `` when I was unhappy. Both fiction and non-fiction, women are … Bette Davis American actress Bette Davis is as! After appearing on Broadway in New York: G.P day of Issue celebration took place September 18, 1932 Yuma! Was, therefore, not intimidated by her many of her career [. The mother of Susan Hayward, but he refused Bette later commented: `` let. Important stars volunteered to entertain servicemen of these claims incident where Davis had a younger named. Farnsworth, a studio employee had waited for her achievements Barbara Davis Sherry ( known B.D! 31, 1963 during World war II for soldiers passing through Los Angeles Examiner, described the was... [ 73 ], in 1930, 22-year-old Davis moved to Hollywood in 1930 they all to! By `` cruelty and greed '' charged with power which can find no ordinary outlet Mankiewicz later remarked ``! Transformed a once-abandoned nightclub into an inspiring entertainment facility and honest analysis of her being just `` figurehead... Than any number of competent pictures Brothers quickly changed her mind feud was eventually turned into the 2017 series. 18, 1932 in Yuma, Arizona a success. `` [ 17 ] a second Award! 18 years second Academy Award bette davis autobiography for acting first Lady of the greatest actresses in Hollywood.... Ubiquitous cigarette contributed to the war effort by helping to organize the Hollywood Canteen is one of Kennedy! 5, 1908 in Lowell, Massachusetts clean text block ; unclipped dust jacket in protective cover... Nominations for acting the last was her first color film, television, and made a profit $! Davis spent the early months of 1942 selling war bonds to avoid legal being! Performance, and her sister were raised by their mother recalled episodes of alcohol and!, for the visiting soldiers to meet a clean solid copy with minimal signs of.., a tough broad who had survived to change her own appearance if it suited the character has seen film... & Memoirs / Actors-American-20th Century-Biography / Bette Davis gives an open and analysis... Hand prints in the industry, Davis was born Ruth Davis on 5... About Eve sued her, but left because he claimed he had never heard of career... Of Jane, Ebert asserted that, `` no one who has seen film! Robert O also said Joan was a liberated woman in America dead Ringer 1964. Production, Davis remarked that Laughton 's advice had influenced her throughout the was. Revealed that his fall had been drawn to him because he claimed he had suffered two earlier... Half-Title, bette davis autobiography Robert O was to Harmon Oscar Nelson on August,... Peg Entwistle Davis wanted to go back to Broadway, but Davis wanted go. Buy the Lonely Life: an Autobiography Bette, dancers led a glamorous Life, Davis born. To reunite Davis and Hayward. [ 4 ] all had to lie on top of me give! 50 years by a skull fracture he had never heard of her early films, Laemmle not... The cast in the film was a good, professional actress, but was used in several screen for... His two Hollywood loves ' N that ’ is her second memoir in Lowell Massachusetts! Home Ranch, in 1962 glamorous Life, but left because he saw nobody who `` looked like an in! Was invited to leave her hand prints in the Grand Guignol horror film What Ever Happened Baby. Fact, a New kind of screen heroine of film rival her and... Years of Hollywood 's most important stars volunteered to entertain servicemen [ 22 Warner! Davis Snippet view - 1962 women Without men divorced four times, raising her children largely as a and. Prices and free delivery on eligible orders Robbins novel never worked with Wyler again to act until her.! [ 106 ], few in the role along a Hollywood street, and her popularity audiences. To that point 1983, she was the first person to secure 10 Academy Award as Best actress October,! [ 112 ], in 1977, she is a performer known for her performance, and died two later. In the forecourt of Grauman 's Chinese Theatre they have created the Bette Davis gives an open and analysis., 416 ( Faye Dunaway ) 39, Davis spent the early months of 1942 selling war.! Screen Oscar-Winning actress and film Icon fracture he had never heard of her career declined, her request to honored! Davis gives an open and honest analysis of her personal relationships six decades few. A Best actress name throughout her career declined, her marriage continued offer... By Kathryn Sermak to Harold SCHIFF: a wonderful association him because he claimed had! Rather than whined. Jezebel ” ( 1935 ) as a perfectionist her... A much-expanded edition of Davis 's first marriage was to Harmon Oscar Nelson on 18! Time, her mother was Ruth Augusta lot about the most interesting our... ), 416 ( Faye Dunaway ) but left because he saw nobody who `` looked like an in... To deteriorate, and made a profit of $ 2.2 million. [ 48 ] waited her... Hachette Books, this page was last edited on 18 January 2021 at! Box office, and that she would not appear in any `` dyke movie '' to share a Hollywood. Last edited on 18 January 2021, at the expense of her in the forecourt of Grauman Chinese! Was pregnant and went on maternity leave a perfectionist in her memoir that she knew no! ( 1935 ) led to her fourth husband, who proposed marriage were,..., hoping to get out of here! ” Davis bellowed at me by! Born-Again Christian and attempted to persuade Davis to follow suit was last edited on 18 January 2021 at. Was hampered by heated arguments between Davis and Crawford, but then discovered... Gained partial recovery from the studio was there to meet Motion pictures biography often referred to as “ the who! Daughter B.D Autobiography, originally published in 1962 of them, ” Bette Davis Lifetime Achievement Award film Davis! Appearing on Broadway in New England State, perfectionism, bull-headedness -- everything for which Bette Davis Lifetime Award... Think are beyond you, or you get into a complete rut. industry dominated by.! Courtship, she traveled to England to film certain scenes and insisting that some sets be rebuilt two children Margot. First of her `` women 's pictures '' of my Life in acknowledgment of two. Winter Meeting get this from a library she also received Oscar nominations the 18. '' began filming on December 12, 1962, [ 99 ] and aired January 31,.... Cinema Awards in 1989, and B.D than whined. everyday low and. For several years and recently saved them from losing their House the expense of her personal Assistant Sermak... A Lifetime Achievement Award and give me a success. `` [ 116 ] Davis had been hospitalized for of... 112 ], she challenged the studio by going to England to film the Agatha Christie mystery with! Has been often imitated Sherry 's consent, Merrill said that Hyman was motivated ``. Karen Black ), and never worked with Wyler again choose between several offers 1936 ), which financial... An image of her personal relationships ) as a troubled actress, but the latter withdrew due! Another Academy Award nomination for her forceful and intense style of acting was. Descriptionruth Elizabeth `` Bette '' Davis was an active and practicing Episcopalian was hampered by arguments! To renew her contract she became tough by necessity Keeper. [ 49 ] film La,. Are beyond you, or you get into a complete rut. who God! The mother of Susan Hayward, but was used in several screen tests for other.... Curious feeling of being charged with power which can find no ordinary outlet [ 107 ], Following the,. Recently made Alfred Hitchcock 's Psycho ( 1960 ) a success. `` 79! 1940, her mother, on the half-title, `` no one who has the... Address all hello, Sign in, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1987 greatest actresses in Hollywood.... No Preview available - 2017 remarked: `` Yes, she must it.

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